Meet ''Agbaje Ojo John''

Agbaje Ojo John, a Petroleum Engineering graduate of the University of Benin hails from Edo state, Nigeria. He is currently based in Lagos.

He is a Customer Service Specialist and Consultant with over four years experience. He has worked with Sun International Properties and currently with Jumia Groups as Team Lead Customer Service/Order Management Specialist.

He is the C.E.O of Creativo Ventures - a venture known for creative works such as logo creation, designing of invitation cards, note pads, complimentary cards, souvenirs, T-shirt branding, banners, flyers and general printing.

John describes himself as very assertive, open and free-spirited. He has trouble sticking to one interest as there are so many different subjects and topics that he finds appealing.

According to him, " I may be the definition of 'jack of all trades' . In all matters of life, I am very honest and do not hesitate to let others know what I want and if I set a goal, I work tirelessly to achieve it"

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  1. what do you take this life to be? God created you for a purpose, have you determined the purpose of God for your life, its the right time to check. God love you