Meet ''Joshua Ogbemen''

Joshua Ogbemen popularly called josh is an indigene of Edo state. He knows how to speak his language fluently and he is currently based in Lagos. He is a Theatre and Media Art student of Ambrose Alli University, Edo state.

He is a researcher who loves traveling in a quest for answers to questions. He loves his social life as much as he loves making research.

Josh's aim in life is to be a successful OAP. He was an intern at Voice of Nigeria Radio station Lagos.

Look at what Josh says about himself; "I love going out to the lakes. I'm so obsessed with the internet because it's our modern day trend. I try to be social and friendly and  I'm as well very inquisitive". 

You need assistance on your research works? You want to learn how to speak the Esan language of Edo state?....To contact Joshua Ogbemen inbox me.

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