Meet "Alvan Nelson" A Young Song writer and Poet.

 Alvan Nelson who prefers to be called Nelco3d hails from Anambra state, Nigeria. He is an undergraduate of Theatre and Media Arts, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo state, Nigeria.

Nelson is a rap artist and a writer. He writes songs, scripts, poems and journals. Read one of his poems;


"our love was like ticki-ticka they say
every one cherished our style when we play
a strong bond and a strong team
our field was the bed of roses.

a goddess of the sun
look how great you've become
so adorned in all sphere
the planet blossoms from every tear.

the stars smile and twinkle
they take credence in your strength
your beauty makes the eyes detest twinkle
you are a rare gem

everything fades away
things fall apart like economy
you clung to me
you never went away

i could spend my years appreciating you
build a castle beside those two huge mountain...."
Aside his talent as a rapper and a writer, he is also into event management. He currently works with "Prismer Event" and they are specialized in decorating children's birthday parties, making it colorful and putting a smile on the faces of kids.

"Event management is a job I've always looked forward to be part of because I've got some creative insight about it and doing something like this, requires creativity" he said.

Need someone to manage/decorate your kid's party.....need someone to write you good poems or scripts, follow Nelson on his social media platforms.



Facebook-nelco threedee la'koolpheez.

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