Meet ''Yvonne Okoro'' A Talented Poet and Blogger.

Yvonne Okoro as many of you know is one of the most famous and successful actresses in Ghana. Lovers of West African movies especially the Ghanaians have come across this beauty either playing the star role or supporting actress role. Amazingly, we met an outstanding and talented young lady who bears the same name as the famous actress.

Meet Yvonne Okoro, a talented poet and blogger from Ughelli, Delta state, Nigeria. She studied English Language at the University of Benin. She is currently serving in the NYSC scheme in Ogun state.

Aside from being a poet and blogger, Yvonne learned a skill in craft making. She makes beads, handbags, purses, wallets and other women accessories.

I'm a Lover of God and Arts. I love to share my experiences with my diary.. but my blog happens to be an extension...says Yvonne.

Read some of Yvonne's Poetry!!!


Sometimes, I understand nature and her language. I love to see the birds sing with their melodious voices, I love to see the cat meow, the trees dance, the hen crow and I love to watch the animals as displayed on Natgeo wild. 

Sometimes, I ponder on the words dwelling in the inside of me. Words waiting to be poured out on you like a rushing tap. I wonder if you ever look me in the eyes and realize how much love I have for you. How much I try to stay calm till the day when my mouth will no longer stay sealed and the complexity of love displays her simplicity. I wonder if this love will ever be understood by you.....Continue to read Yvonne's Blog

My Letter To Friday!!!

Hello Friday

I like you to know that you give me joy unspeakable whenever you arrive. I await your arrival every week and you are my favourite. Right now, you are my best friend and I can’t stop loving you.

Hey Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please don’t cry, I love you guys too but I’m sorry ehn, the love isn’t like my love for Friday. You give me so much workload and l spend almost the whole day working; it’s not just any kind of work o. I get to write notes, talk all day and deal with my patience big time....Continue to read Yvonne's Blog

If you need help in writing a good poetry for a loved one, school work or presentation, need a nice handmade bag/purse or accessories, Yvonne Okoro can help you.

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