Learn how to Manage your life with these 10 Management Tips.

One of the most important lesson one can learn in life is to learn how they can manage their lives better. Regardless of whether it is your career, business, finances, relationships, friends, religion, family, health and so on, you must learn to handle and manage your life in order to make progress and move forward to living the outcomes that you desire.

So how can you achieve that? Here are 10 Tips on how you can manage your life.


It is almost normal to be in euphoria while making resolutions or few days  or weeks after the exercise. Resolutions is like a goal, a plan or an objective set aside to be achieved in a period. Don't make a resolution that you aren't ready to accomplish. If you are too lazy to put them on a paper, write them in your phone’s notepad and read them daily. Accomplishing them is more important than writing them though.


Time is a commodity and a currency and should be treated as cash. Cash can be  regained after loss but time cannot. Check what takes most of your time, and make up your mind to replace unworthy things with valuable ones. Also learn to be more disciplined by keeping to time and appointments.


You are the product of the kinds of friends you keep. Check out the friends that are around you. What values do they have? What adjective is used often times to qualify them? What impact have they made in your life? What opportunities have they fetched you? Are they really worthy to be called friends? Press "delete" to toxic and unproductive friends. Create space for those who have values both in real life and on social media


Social media has it's good and ugly sides but will not make it a total evil. While some get into frequent trouble on social media and others see it as a gossip tank, there are others smiling hope daily with millions on social media because they have chosen to maximize the opportunities it offers.
You aren't a celebrity. Sometimes it's good to be on the  low yet active. You don't need to be active on all social media platforms. If you have an active Facebook account, why Twitter?
If you have Instagram, why Snapchat? If you have WhatsApp, why IMO? Why Telegram or 2go?


Money is a seed. You eat fruits and not seeds. Each time you spend your capital seeds on fun, unnecessary projects or unfruitful investments, it means you don't understand the principle of money management. Don't let anyone push you into big parties that could have been a parlor party, if the person pushes you too much, tell them to provide the money. Invest your cash on things that will bring better returns to you.


Quit the Heavy Liquor. Quit the Hard drugs. Quit the Smokes. Quit the Sugars. Quit the Overfeeding. Quit the Restlessness. Quit the indiscriminate use of Antibiotics and Steroids. Be intentional to look younger than your age. Loose weight if you must.


Information comes from reading. Reading brings knowledge. Knowledge brings wisdom. Wisdom brings power. "It is better to be born blind with an insight than have sight without an insight". Those who read today take advantage of their tomorrow. Information has been made very easy. We ask few or no questions if we can dedicate our time to reading new books periodically


If you want to be a better version of you, you must work on yourself. God is through with his creation process, it is our duty to develop the beauty he gave us. Prayers and fasting won't shave the hair under your armpit, it won't comb and style your hair, it won't wash your under wears, it won't brush your teeth.


Always remember that you deserved to be loved and treated like a royalty. Your love life should not be a public discussion. Keep it the way royalties keep it. Control your urge for sex. You must not be engaged in sex to make a relationship work. Work on your drives, such as Sex, Anger, lust, mood etc. By so doing, you will have a sweet, secured and sexy relationship


Anyone who wants to go far in life should learn to bridle his tongue. Don't talk your plans, talk success, don't talk secrets until it is in the light. Don't talk your relationship, marriage or family down. Don't talk your earnings publicly, be security conscious. In the same vein, take your fingers as your tongue. Watch what you type, watch what you post, watch what comments you make.

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