Meet " Rhoda Aguonigho Oghenetega " - The Founder of Lhaude Fashion Network

Rhoda Aguonigho Oghenetega is a beautiful and talented young lady from Delta State, Nigeria. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Language Arts from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

Rhoda is a Fashion and Media entrepreneur with interests in business and social development. She has over five years experience from various roles in the Fashion industry. Some of her previous roles include Assistant Fashion Editor for BlacknBold Magazine, Content creator and Editor for Haute Fashion Africa, Fashion Editor for Gaspromotions, Fashion and Business Development Expert for Doshima Enterprises and recently Events and Programs associate at The Assembly Hub.

Rhoda's passion for Fashion led to the discovery of her niche where she founded Lhaude Fashion Network.

Lhaude Fashion Network was founded in 2017 as a fashion initiative creating opportunities for fashion entrepreneurs to grow and thrive. Lhaude is concerned with the growth and development of the Fashion Eco Sphere and in other to achieve these goals, they have created Mentorship Opportunities, Networking events, Training, Workshops, and Pop ups for Fashion Entrepreneurs. They also provide Public Relation and Consulting services for Fashion Businesses.

When we asked Rhoda to describe herself, this is what she has to say; "I am fun loving, introverted extrovert, hardworking and smart, love to travel and read. I believe that a change can happen in our society, and that change can only start with everyone of us, our values, our mentality, the things we say, things we do, and how we think. I am very optimistic and positive. One of my life goals is to end poverty and promote economic growth through Fashion development, promotion and exportation. I am also a great speaker and a superb actress."

You can contact Rhoda on facebook for Bookings and Sponsorship.

You can also listen to her Podcast on Faith, Fashion and Lifestyle from this link.

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