20 Basic Tips On How To Spend Wisely.

How do you feel when you realize your bank account is empty? No matter how little or how much money you have, spending it wisely is a good idea. Manage your finances with wisdom. Avoid these money wasters:

1. Eat healthy not expensive. Avoid snacking.

2. Dress decently not flamboyantly.

3. Have fun. Don't be wasteful.

4. Take your friends or partner out but not to buy everything.

5. Celebrate your birthday but don't roast your account.

6. Entertain your visitors without borrowing.

7. Get your children's needs not their wants.

8. Avoid unnecessary competition with your neighbours.

9. Help your family but don't kill yourself.

10. Avoid burning your money on unnecessary purchase of data and airtime. Use Free modes and Wi-
Fi if you must use data, use SMS, chats and emails instead of burning your airtime.

11. Avoid habits like smoking, hard drugs and plenty bottles of drinks as you will end up spending cash to treat yourself from the side effects.

12. Trek short distances and avoid wasting your time and cash in traffic.

13. Avoid competition with your neighbours, church members, and colleagues as per what to wear, what to eat and where to live.

14. Don't make cash promises if you won't be able to keep them.

15. Don't venture into a business you are not sure of.

16. Avoid Police and court cases.

17. Don't move into an apartment or a store that the rent is more expensive than your income or profit.

18. Keep your ATM CARD far from you.

19. Collect videos, pictures, music, documents and movies through Bluetooth or Xender instead of burning data.

20. If you are single and spend most of your time at the office, recharge only the TV bills in the office and suspend the one at home.

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