Meet Damilola Abiola-Tikare: A Creative Force in Social Media Management and Content Creation

Meet Damilola Abiola-Tikare, a highly motivated and creative professional whose journey through the realms of social media management, content creation, and technology has been nothing short of inspiring. With a strong passion for engaging audiences and a forward-thinking approach, Damilola brings a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to the dynamic world of digital communication.

Professional Background: Damilola currently serves as an Ambassador at The TOP Person, an International Business, Politics, and NGO Magazine, and a Global Charity with HUB. In this role, she has been instrumental in driving a 100 times increase in LinkedIn engagement, showcasing her prowess in social media management. Simultaneously, Damilola wears the hat of a Guest Writer for business economics, where her freelance contributions delve into topics like Influencer Marketing, demonstrating her writing finesse and industry insights.

As a Freelance Writer on Medium since December 2020, Damilola has consistently shared her thoughts and expertise, contributing valuable content to the digital landscape. Her recent piece, "Some Tips to Bear in Mind When Looking for an Influencer to Endorse Your Product" on Medium, reflects not only her writing skills but also her deep understanding of the evolving dynamics in the digital marketing sphere.

Diverse Skill Set: Damilola's skills extend beyond writing and social media management to encompass Graphic Design, Product Management, and Virtual Assistance. Her proficiency in Graphic Design is evident from her role as a Graphic Design intern at The TOP Person, where she adds a visually appealing dimension to content creation.

In her role as a Virtual Assistant at Live Your Best Life, Damilola showcased her adeptness in Copywriting and Social Media, proving her versatility in handling various responsibilities.

Educational and Internship Journey: Damilola's academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire. Her commitment to continuous learning is underscored by her participation in a Product Management Bootcamp at Treford, where she immersed herself in a 350-hour intensive program, gaining hands-on experience in product development, lifecycle management, and strategy. Her internship experiences, ranging from Upkey to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, have equipped her with valuable skills in copywriting, social media, and administrative support.

Volunteer and Leadership Roles: Damilola is not just a professional; she is also a passionate advocate for economic empowerment. Her volunteer roles as a Content Writer for BusinessMumu and YouthUp Global reflect her commitment to making a positive impact through her skills and expertise. Currently serving as a Social Media Manager at She Code Africa, Damilola is contributing to the advancement of science and technology, fostering an environment where women can thrive in these fields.

Certifications and Credentials: Damilola's commitment to excellence is evident in her pursuit of certifications. Holding credentials from The Professional Writers' Alliance as a member, Jobberman Nigeria on soft skills, and Treford on project management, she continues to invest in her professional development.

Projects and Achievements: Damilola's involvement in the AlphaBook project during her Product Management Bootcamp showcases her ability to conduct thorough market research, user persona development, and product road mapping. Her hands-on approach to creating a bookkeeping and financial management app highlights her dedication to practical problem-solving.

In summary, Damilola Abiola-Tikare is more than just a Social Media Manager, Content Writer, and Tech Enthusiast; she is a multifaceted professional whose journey reflects a commitment to excellence, continuous learning, and making a positive impact. Her creative flair, strategic mindset, and passion for technology position her as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication.

Follow Damilola's journey as she continues to inspire and innovate in the realms of social media, content creation, and technology.

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