Meet "Iyinoluwa Aboyeji: A Nigerian Tech Luminary"

In the ever-evolving landscape of African innovation and investment, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, co-founder of Future Africa stands as a trailblazer, a serial entrepreneur who doesn’t consider his ventures a success unless they improve society, dedicated to unlocking the continent's vast potential. Born on March 28, 1991, in Nigeria, Aboyeji's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of leveraging technology to dismantle barriers and drive success.

Education and Early Years: Aboyeji's academic journey laid the groundwork for his future endeavors. He pursued a B.A. in Legal Studies with a concentration in International Studies at the University of Waterloo - St. Jerome's University from 2008 to 2012. Engaging in activities such as SigmaChi, he honed his skills in critical thinking and strategic communication.

During his formative years at Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja (2001-2007), Aboyeji actively participated in The Roar Magazine, Student Parliament, Debating Society, and UNESCO Club, setting the stage for his later involvement in diverse sectors.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Aboyeji's impact on African innovation is most evident in his role as the Founding Partner of Future Africa. Since January 2020, he has spearheaded an innovation fund that provides capital, coaching, and community to visionary leaders addressing Africa's challenges as business opportunities. A firm believer in partnerships with innovators, Aboyeji envisions an African future where prosperity is accessible to everyone.

As the Founding Investor at Moove since December 2019, Aboyeji addresses a significant challenge—less than 2% of Nigerians own cars. Moove empowers Africans by providing flexible car ownership, fostering sustainable employment opportunities, and bridging the rural-urban divide.

His involvement as a Founding Investor in Itana by Talent City, a network of Charter Cities in the United States, demonstrates his commitment to providing the best quality of life for African technology talent, driving innovation and the digital economy.

Leadership and Advocacy: Aboyeji's influence extends to his role as a Non-Executive Director at Learn Africa Plc, Nigeria's leading learning resource business. With a focus on expanding educational dominance to new forms of learning, he contributes to the company's vision.

Currently serving as a Board Member of the Kwara State Education Trust Fund and Loyola Jesuit College's Board of Governors, Aboyeji actively supports educational initiatives. His commitment to Loyola Jesuit College reflects a dedication to giving back and supporting fundraising and alumni relations.

A seasoned leader, Aboyeji chairs the Financial Services Innovators, advocating for a collaborative and innovative financial services ecosystem. He also serves as a Non-Executive Director at Canary Point Corporate Services, contributing to effective money management through innovation.

Technology and Impact: As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Flutterwave (2016-2018), Aboyeji played a pivotal role in creating an integrated payments platform for Africans. Under his leadership, Flutterwave processed over 100 million transactions worth over $2.5 billion, establishing partnerships with over 50 banks and multinational entities.

His earlier venture, Andela (2014-2016), focused on investing in Africa's most talented software engineers to address the global technical talent shortage. Andela expanded across the continent, raising significant funding from international investors.

Current Initiatives: In his current role as CEO and General Partner at Future Africa, Aboyeji leads an innovation fund that has invested in over 100 companies across Africa, collectively worth over $6 billion. Notable investments include Moove and Itana, reflecting Aboyeji's commitment to fostering progress in fintech, edtech, healthtech, and agritech.

Recognition and Vision: Aboyeji's contributions have earned him recognition as a Forbes 30 Under 30 and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. His overarching goal is to build an African future where prosperity and purpose are accessible to all.

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji's journey embodies the spirit of African innovation, transcending boundaries and unlocking a future where possibilities are limitless. Through his ventures, advocacy, and leadership, he continues to shape the narrative of a thriving and innovative Africa.

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