Meet Maya Horgan Famodu: Pioneering Ventures and Empowering African Youth

Maya Horgan Famodu, a visionary entrepreneur and venture capital investor, has emerged as a leading force in the African tech ecosystem. She is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, widely recognized as the youngest black woman to establish a tech fund and the youngest person to do so in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her visionary approach to entrepreneurship and innovation shows no signs of slowing down. Recognized as a 2x Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, Maya is the founder and partner at Ingressive Capital, an organization dedicated to fostering early-stage African tech companies. Her impact extends beyond business, with the establishment of Ingressive for Good, a non-profit providing micro-scholarships, technical training, and talent placement for African youth.

 Early Life and Education:

Maya's journey began with a strong academic foundation. She pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science with a minor in English at Pomona College. During her time at Pomona, Maya was not only a dedicated student but also actively involved in various extracurricular activities, serving as the Captain of the 5C Dance Company and holding leadership roles in several organizations.

Maya continued her education with the Cornell University Prelaw Program, gaining valuable insights into legal processes by observing and analyzing activities within the New York Federal Courthouse. Her diverse educational background laid the groundwork for her future endeavors.

 Career in Finance and Research:

Prior to her venture into the tech ecosystem, Maya worked in the banking sector for JPMorgan Chase and conducted emerging market economic research in Southern Africa and Latin America. Her commitment to sustainable economic development led her to explore the keys to fostering growth in these regions.

Maya's experience extended to private equity research, where she consulted with businesses seeking entry into the West African market. These experiences equipped her with a deep understanding of the economic landscape, setting the stage for her impactful career in technology and venture capital.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Ingressive: Architect of Africa's Tech Ecosystem:

In 2014, Maya founded Ingressive, a market entry firm facilitating global businesses and investment groups in navigating Africa's tech landscape. The organization provided direct access to a network of technical talent, founders, and local partners, offering unparalleled insights into the realities of doing business in what Maya refers to as "Silicon Africa."

Ingressive's mission goes beyond market entry; it nurtures relationships that channel resources to areas capable of making the most impact. Past clients include renowned entities like Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Techstars, GitHub, Figma, and Facebook for Developers.

Ingressive Capital: Fueling Early-Stage African Tech:

Maya's commitment to supporting African innovators led to the founding of Ingressive Capital. The venture capital firm manages a $10 Million Fund I and a $50 Million Fund II, focusing on early-stage, tech-enabled companies in sub-Saharan Africa. Portfolio companies include Paystack, Bamboo, Carry1st, and others, reflecting Maya's keen eye for identifying and nurturing promising startups.

Ingressive for Good: Empowering African Youth:

Recognizing the need for empowering the youth, Maya established Ingressive for Good in 2020. This non-profit initiative provides micro-scholarships, technical skills development, and talent placement opportunities for African youth. Maya's dedication to ensuring access to resources for building scalable businesses extends beyond the corporate realm, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community.

Kauffman Fellows: Leadership in Venture Capital:

Maya's leadership in venture capital is further highlighted by her participation in the Kauffman Fellowship Program (Class 26). This two-year executive education program identifies and develops global leaders in venture capital, focusing on structured curriculum, peer learning, executive coaching, and networking.


Awards and Recognition:

Maya's contributions to the venture capital landscape earned her prestigious recognition, including being named in Forbes 30 Under 30 for Venture Capital in 2021. Her achievements underscore her dedication to fostering innovation and sustainable growth in Africa's tech ecosystem.


Maya Horgan Famodu's journey from academic excellence to pioneering ventures in the African tech landscape showcases her unwavering commitment to creating a positive impact. As an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and advocate for youth empowerment, Maya continues to shape the narrative of Silicon Africa, inspiring the next generation of African innovators.