Meet Oluwatoyin David: Founder at Thevirtualtribe, Virtual Assistant Mentor and Matchmaker

Oluwatoyin David is a seasoned professional virtual assistant with a remarkable career spanning over five years across diverse business sectors and industries. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Oluwatoyin is the Founder of Thevirtualtribe, a platform dedicated to coaching and mentoring individuals eager to establish and flourish in the virtual assistant business. Oluwatoyin holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from Lautech.

Professional Background: In her current role as the Owner of Thevirtualtribe, Oluwatoyin takes pride in coaching and mentoring aspiring individuals, providing them with the necessary tools and strategies to build successful virtual assistant businesses. Her approach is marked by a high level of drive, resourcefulness, and specialization in crafting impactful content for social media. Oluwatoyin excels in developing foolproof content strategies that contribute to the growth of brands and online communities.

Oluwatoyin's expertise extends beyond coaching, as she serves as the Chief Virtual Assistant at Movirtuals, a self-employed venture she initiated in August 2019. In this role, she supports businesses and organizations by delivering content creation, social media, and community management services. Her skills encompass marketing, creativity and innovation, research, branding, and coaching.

Furthermore, Oluwatoyin is actively involved with Workbarn Consulting as a Content Creator in a part-time capacity since March 2021. Here, she is responsible for developing content strategies, creating and publishing industry-related content to facilitate the success of businesses and organizations.

Her journey as a Social Media Manager at Saffron Travels NG from March 2020 to April 2020 underscores her ability to create and publish relevant content that enhances brand awareness and drives conversion.

Projects and Publications: Oluwatoyin is at the forefront of innovative initiatives, including the Virtual Assistant Cohort Program launched in January 2023. This program focuses on imparting in-demand non-coding tech skills essential for securing remote jobs as a virtual assistant. Through coaching, live meetings, and a 30-day support structure, participants gain expertise in administration, social media management, research, and marketing. The program also equips individuals with strategies to secure jobs through freelancing, build a personal brand, and attract high-paying clients.

As an author, Oluwatoyin has shared valuable insights in publications such as "How to Monetize Your Skills as a Virtual Assistant," providing a guide for skilled individuals to turn their expertise into income through freelancing, online business, and digital product sales. She emphasizes the importance of clarity and offers a free consultation to readers.

Other publications include a "Content Writing Guide for Beginners" and a comprehensive "Guide to Social Media Marketing," showcasing Oluwatoyin's commitment to knowledge sharing.

Conclusion: Oluwatoyin David stands as a dedicated virtual assistant coach, mentor, and matchmaker, with a genuine passion for guiding individuals on their journey to building prosperous virtual assistant businesses. Her multifaceted skills, wealth of experience, and commitment to education make her a valuable resource in the virtual assistant community. If you're looking to kickstart your VA journey or elevate your existing virtual assistant career, connecting with Oluwatoyin at Thevirtualtribe is a promising step toward success.

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