Meet Ifeyinwa Mogekwu - The Lawyer-Turned-Celebrity Chef

Ifeyinwa Mogekwu, widely known as Ify Mogekwu, is a remarkable individual who seamlessly merges her dual careers as a corporate lawyer and a celebrated food blogger. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, she currently practices as a Senior Counsel at ACAS-Law, one of the top law firms in the city. Her journey to law began at an early age, sparked by her love for reading and her knack for spirited conversations, earning her the label of a "chatterbox." This passion led her to the University of Ibadan, where she earned a second-class upper degree in law, followed by a similar accolade from the Abuja Campus of Nigerian Law School.

However, Ifeyinwa’s talents extend far beyond the courtroom. Her culinary passion was ignited during her secondary school years when her jollof rice in a home economics class was deemed the best and served to the school principal. This early recognition planted the seed for what would become Ify’s Kitchen, her renowned food platform. Over the years, she has transformed her love for cooking into a vibrant career, providing food consulting services and online cookery classes aimed at making every woman a star in her kitchen, without needing formal culinary training.

Ify’s Kitchen is not just about recipes; it’s about enriching family lives through good food. Her easy-to-follow recipes and innovative dishes have propelled her to celebrity status, leading to appearances in numerous cooking competitions on social media and television. Ifeyinwa believes that while there is no direct connection between law and cooking, her creative outlet in the kitchen provides a perfect balance to the structured nature of legal practice.

In 2021, after over a decade of practicing law, Ifeyinwa decided to fully immerse herself in her culinary passions. She now dedicates her time to being a food content creator, TV cooking show host, entrepreneur, YouTuber, social media influencer, and of course, a mother of two and a wife.

Ifeyinwa’s food philosophy is rooted in simplicity and quality: using the freshest ingredients to create nutritious, visually pleasing, and delicious meals. Safety and hygiene are her top kitchen rules, ensuring a clean and organized cooking environment. She advocates for young Nigerian chefs to gain international exposure, which she believes enhances their culinary skills, broadens their recipe repertoire, and expands their professional networks.

Current food trends that excite Ifeyinwa include the shift towards healthier eating, plant-based diets, reducing food waste, and focusing on locally sourced ingredients. She believes these trends promote sustainable food practices and contribute to a health-conscious society.

Ifeyinwa’s top five ingredients to cook with are onions, butter, pepper, ginger, and garlic. These staples reflect her love for bold, flavorful dishes. Growing up, she enjoyed a mix of traditional Nigerian cuisine and experimental dishes from other cultures, thanks to her mother’s culinary curiosity. A dish that brings back fond childhood memories is pounded yam and ofe Nsala, a traditional Nigerian soup, along with her mother's exceptional moinmoin, a Nigerian steamed bean pudding.

In her rare moments of relaxation, Ifeyinwa enjoys unwinding with a good book or a movie, surrounded by the calming ambiance of scented candles. She’s an avid reader of self-development and fiction books, always seeking ways to improve herself and occasionally escape into imaginative worlds.

Ifeyinwa’s advice to aspiring individuals is to start with what they have and grow from there. She believes there is always time to pursue one’s passions, even if it means sacrificing sleep, weekends, and parties. Her inspiring journey from the courtroom to the kitchen serves as a testament to the power of following one’s passion and balancing multiple interests with dedication and enthusiasm.

Follow Ifeyinwa’s culinary adventures and get inspired at Ify’s Kitchen, where she demystifies the art of cooking and helps families come together through the joy of good food.