Meet "Tajudeen Adepetu", The Producer Of The Popular TV Show "Everyday People" Who Now Own A Multi Million Naira TV Production Empire

Tajudeen Adepetu

Tajudeen Adepetu is the brain behind "Everyday People" and "Family Circle", Tv shows we all watched and loved while growing up during the early 2000's. Tajudeen's hobby right from his early age was watching movies, he decided to turn his hobby into a career by enrolling into the Nigerian Televison College in Jos. After his training at the television college, Tajudeen proceeded to the university of jos to further get grounded in his choice of career as he completed his degree program in Theatre Arts and also took number of short courses in film production in some other institutions.

After graduating, he started his professional career in radio production, doing jingles, radio programming and other audio related productions in jos. After two years in the radio industry, he decided it was time to move to Lagos where there were bigger adventures and opportunities; that's where his success story began.

His intention while coming to Lagos was to go into TV production where he noticed alot of things he could do better. His exposure to quality programming as is done in developed world, through watching and studying satellite TV, and reading international magazines had given him loads of ideas on how to make television programs more exciting, entertaining, educative and informative.

In Lagos, Tajudeen decided to move into drama production. According to him, drama was a great tool for him to convey his "ministry", which was to expose the right and wrong of living, and then guide people to choose the right way. He created his first TV program called Family Circle and with the help of his brother, cousin, and his personal savings, he was able to get the funds he needed to complete work on the program, which became an immediate success. From then on, Tajudeen never looked back. He went rolling out one successful program to another, from sports to lifestyle, to music and responses from his viewers were overwhelming.

His second drama production, "Everyday People" was also an immediate hit, garnering loads of awards to show for it . From then on, Tajudeen's exceptional creativity and visionary were easily noticeable in the Nigerian television programming industry.

Some Awards Won By Tajudeen

Tajudeen is currently the owner of the popular "Televista" brand as well as the popular music channel "SoundCity", Villagesquare TV, Business TV, and SPICE TV. The striking thing about his program is their uniqueness and uncommon quality, so much you will never believe they were produced locally. His Television channels are currently the most watched in Africa especially SoundCity which now host one of the biggest music award shows in Africa, "SoundCity MVP Awards".

In almost twenty-five years in the business, veering into different areas of TV production, from drama to lifestyle, music, business and movies, with exceedingly great result  to show for it, Tajudeen has shown that his enormous creativity and innovativeness do not have any limit as long as you are determined and hardworking.

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